Colour Analysis Diploma

Do you love colour? Would you love a new career or would you like to try a new hobby? Is it time you tried something new?

The Diploma in Advanced Colour Analysis from Training with Imagination and Colourflair opens the door to a colourful new world and a new career if you have a passion for colour and want to help others look their very best.

This course has been written especially for those who want to train in colour analysis by home study. It will give you all the information and practice you need to become a successful and sought after Colour Analyst. But you won’t be on your own as you’ll have your own Tutor, somoene who has run their own successful consultancy.

The DIPLOMA IN ADVANCED COLOUR ANALYSIS allows you to qualify as a Colour Consultant. You can choose how to help your clients – its not just about handing over a fan of colours

The training will teach you everything you need to know in a format that is easy to read and to remember. The learning process is logical  and you will find the whole thing a very enjoyable experience. The coursework is supplied on USB or by drop box so that the information can be easily uploaded to a tablet for studying on the go.

Colour analysis training with Imagination, will help you develop as a confident consultant who can create confident clients. You will be able to run your own successful full-time business or have a part-time income. You’ll soon re-coup your investment as our course doesn’t cost the earth – but still has all the detail of courses more than double the price.

This is a tried and tested course which produces excellent results. There are 8 modules with assignments and assessments along the way. You will have a personal tutor who will give you feedback, normally with 24 hours. You will be asked to do some “hands on” sessions with friends and family as you get started, but you’ll soon find yourself at a standard where you will be able to charge for your consultations.  We even have a business challenge to show you how easy it is to re-coup your colour analysis training costs.

Please note: This is NOT a franchise business – you are free to develop your business in your own way.

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Diploma in Advanced Colour Analysis ~ Colourflair Method

Learning Outcomes for This Course

  • Know how to conduct a Personal Colour Analysis session that you customers will enjoy

  • Use professional drapes so your client can see how colour affects their appearance

  • Show your client how to use their own unique colour fan

  • Give your clients confidence to choose and wear colours for themselves



  • To run your own successful non-franchise Colour Business

  • To set up your workspace

  • To get your first clients and easily recoup your course fees