Bridal Advisor Training Course

Would you like to make more of your colour skills and be fully booked with clients? Are you offering a specific Bridal Colour Consultation as part of your colour services?

Because if not, you are losing out on this potentially lucrative market. This isn’t just renaming your Colour Analysis service “for Brides” as you’ll soon find out in our Bridal Advisor Training Course. 

The average spend on a wedding dress in the UK is £1,500 (But as we know they can cost a great deal more than this) And for the guests it often costs over £1,015 (Provident April 2018) to attend the wedding with hen nights, gifts, outfits and hotels all to be paid for (and double this when abroad). It’s an important day not just for the Bride and Groom but for the whole wedding party as well as the guests.

Some Brides will choose a theme for their Wedding Day. Sometimes this involves everyone (not just the Bridal Party) wearing the same colour. The most popular wedding colours in 2018 where White/Ivory (74%), Black (4%), Blue 34%, Purple (20%) and Pink (36%). So knowing your best colours will, as we know, make the whole bridal party look fabulous on the big day, and also save expensive mistakes.

The first students who signed up for the course in the pre-launch (Beta phase) have already completed the course and their Certification. This is what one of them has to say: “Thank you so much for sending my first module feedback, I am overwhelmed that I received a distinction. Thank you so much. This assignment was one of the most enjoyable I have completed. As you say the choice is endless and it would very easy to go overboard on the whole theme. The additional resource that you sent will be very helpful during the planning stage, when working with real Brides. I look forward to beginning the next assignment!”

If you are struggling to fill your business diary with Colour clients, this course could be for you. You’ll be given ideas for new services, the swipe files and information to implement them, you’ll develop your colour skills and knowledge base, specifically if you’d like to work in the Bridal Market. This is not a get rich quick course – you’ll have to put in some effort to complete the practical work and assignments. But once complete you’ll have a new service that will enable you to work with your clients for longer and get your diary fully booked. 

The Bridal Advisor Course Includes

Training as a BRIDAL ADVISOR with Imagination is a new training course, launched in April 2019. It's a unique perspective on how to use your skills in colour analysis and styling to offer wider services which will make a real difference to the success of your colour and style business.

It's the only one of its kind being offered from the UK  - and it is written for the UK market.

  • Six easy to read course modules
  • Appendices and Bonus Content
  • Swipe Files
  • Practical Assignments
  • Personal Tutor
  • How to Plan and Develop your New Service
  • Complete your own Business Plan
  • Formulate a Marketing Plan
  • Bridal Colour Kit
  • Certificate on Completion